22 April 2016
Annual Report 2016

Overview of Syllabus

Lots of interesting talks again! So thanks go to all those who shared their knowledge and passions with us. The Christmas meeting is always a challenge to present something a little different and this time we had a fascinating session where some members brought along their own “significant objects and artefacts” and shared their stories.

In addition to our monthly talks this season, we did have a very special meeting in December to remember a noted local historian and former life member of the society, Eric Malcom. At this event we heard extracts from Eric’s writings, read by friends and family, who also shared some warm memories of Eric. We were delighted to be able to host such an event and that our audience that night included a wide section of our community and beyond, showing the esteem with which he was held.

Malcolm History Prize

We have made a decision to honour Eric’s memory by awarding an annual history prize to a student of Cromarty Primary School, where Eric was schooled and his father was headmaster. It’s a fitting tribute and we think one of which Eric would have approved.

Each year, we will present a £25 Waterstone’s gift voucher to the pupil who has demonstrated the most passion for history during the school year. This is not necessarily for a written piece of work. We have been told by the Head that this year the pupils have been looking at the Natal and WW1. Jane Verburg will attend the final prize-giving ceremony at the school on Thursday 16 June to present the voucher and a certificate of the award from the society.


We continue to support the Courthouse, this year with a grant of £250. This money will be used for mirror-backed acrylic stands to display items in the collection.


The website is now managed by Roger Young for the Society. Roger keeps it up-to-date with our own information and also highlights events that members might be interested in. He also acts as the first point of call in responding to any enquires that are sent through the website.


Without our Committee, we would have no meetings. They are responsible for planning and executing the programme each year, publicising the talks and events, arranging the monthly meetings - dealing with all the technical issues and making sure there are refreshments to hand and a convivial atmosphere at the end. Special thanks are also due to John McNaught, who expertly produces our posters very month, with such artistic flair.

At this AGM, we say goodbye to 2 committee members:

Lindsay Hemy -we have been able to rely on Lindsay making sure there are refreshments at the end of each meeting. We will miss her helpful and positive advice at our committee meetings and hope that she enjoys her newly retired status.

Our Treasurer for more than a decade – Sheila Macdonald. Sheila has been dedicated to keeping us on the straight and narrow financially! Thank you Sheila for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years. She is always the first person to arrive at our monthly meetings and the last to leave and Sheila and we would like to make a presentation to acknowledge your efforts.

Mary Bowers

21 April 2016


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