24 October 2014
The Battle of Cromarty

It's one of the lesser-known battles of the First World War - mainly because the authorities were too embarrassed to tell anyone about it - but on the 26th October 1914 Cromarty witnessed its very own sea battle. You can read all about it in the current issue of History Scotland magazine (have a look at their Facebook page). In a nutshell, with the Fleet at anchor in the Frth, HMS Queen Mary and HMS Lion received a signal that there was a suspected German submarine in the Frth and the crews opened fire with their 4" guns at what may have an innocent wave, or an even more innocent dolphin. Jemimaville took the brunt of the shelling, and a ten month old baby, Alexandria McGill, nearly lost her leg when the second floor of her house collapsed on top of her cradle. She limped for the rest of her life, and the only compensation she received from the Admiralty was a silver rattle inscribed 'A Present to Baby McGill from HMS Lion, October 1914'.

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