05 February 2021
Some Notes

Some Notes — Sheila Currie

Another Historic Year … and another when we’re no closer to knowing when the History Society talks will resume (one day, this will all be history and we’ll put on a talk about ‘ Cromarty and the Pandemic’ …) For now, those seeking a history fix have a wealth of online talks they can watch — here’s a selection of recent ones.


Most of this is thanks to ARCH — Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands

And the Am Baile website has thousands of images from the highlands — searching for Cromarty brings up some well-kent faces. Every picture could tell a story, or a future talk at the History Society?

And did you know there is a Ross & Cromarty Heritage Society? They have —of course! — a section on Cromarty. Check it out. And if it inspires you to want to know more about anything you read about, check the rest of our website and get in touch if you want to follow up anything in more detail, or if anyone is thinking about history projects they might want to do.

Brilliant news that the Courthouse has gained some funding help now to progress some desperately needed improvements there. They are on the lookout for locals to record voices for court cases and the various character models around the building — a great way to support your local museum and become part of its history!

And finally … While reading Mary Beith’s excellent book “Healing Threads” about the traditional medicines of the Highlands & Islands, I found this curious reference to Cromarty when, in 1922, a Donald Mackenzie reported seeing, as a young boy in Cromarty, “a woman cutting the liver from a mouse to give to a neighbour’s baby who was desperately ill, and the baby recovered”. Ancient Egyptians did the same thing apparently.

Always something fascinating to find out in our history. Not suggesting anyone tries this nowadays of course …!


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